Introducing a new way of shopping since 2013

We launched The Cloakroom in 2013 in a tiny apartment in Amsterdam that we shared. Back then curated personal shopping was something for the rich only and we were the first to introduce it to a bigger crowd. Our living room was packed with boxes and we would do everything ourselves. We used to get the boxes out of the delivery truck and fold them. We had one personal shopper, Jessica, and we helped her with ironing and folding. Our vision is simple. We believe every man deserves the luxury of having a personal shopper. We offer a new and better way to upgrade your wardrobe by combining the convenience of online shopping and the personal service of brick and mortar stores and tailors back in the days. Without having to deal with crowded stores or browsing endless catalogues online. People become customers for life because they benefit from a service that gets better over time.

We’ve had an innovative business model since day one. It allows us to include the service of your personal shopper and all shipping and returns. We only charge regular retail prices and no extra fees. Also, you are in charge and decide when you want the next box. We don’t work with a mandatory frequency, minimum or what so ever. Today our business has grown into a local market leader with a little army of personal shoppers. Styling our customers with premium products. Plus, we have a grown up office in the Reguliersdwarsstraat in the centre of Amsterdam.


Our team

Style experts with experience in fashion

Our personal shoppers are real stylists with experience in styling and fashion. They get to know your taste, measurements, and preferences and select outfits that matches your needs. The service improves with each box and people become customers for life.

Cloakroom Team
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